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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.

    Toronto relies on neighbourhoods that show the natural character and historical legacy in order to keep its integrity which is rooted in multicultural experiences. Tourists are attracted by Toronto streets as they showcase different cultures and tightly knit communities that flourish together. The iconic value of the city is directly embedded in the cultural preservation of communities that are historical in value and enrich the streets of the city. Today, the neglect of historical preservation has destroyed neighbourhoods which played important roles in building the character of Toronto that we see today. Removing iconic neighbourhoods to bulldoze the way for new high-rise buildings destroys the balance between the development of the city and communal sustainability. The high-rise building developments damage the relationship between the members of the community and the neighbourhood as a whole because not only is the neighbourhood is destroyed the community is displaced as a whole.

Restaurant Row 2013 Toronto
Front Street Art
C.N. Tower


       Consequently, the character of the community is absolutely lost when the neighbourhood is demolished to clear the way for impersonal style of living in high-rise buildings. Historical neighbourhoods and heritage sites, such as Restaurant Row, amongst others, are considered to be removed in order to make way for the development of high-rise buildings. The iconic neighbourhood that attracts tourists and residents alike, symbolizes the character developed by members of these communities that enriches Toronto as a city. The unique row of restaurants, in Toronto's theatre district named Restaurant Row, enriches the downtown core with its distinctive character that will be destroyed to develop monochromatic style of mixed-used commercial buildings.

If you're in the Toronto Downtown area, #hashtag #saverestaurantrow on instagram and post to facebook! We want everyone to remember the history and memories of our amazing downtown core. Show your support by taking those awesome pictures!

Posted Proposal on the corner of 315 and 319 King Street West. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!

OMB DESICION 25 page Document

Downloadable LINK TO PDF IS HERE

    As we continue to fight for our heritage buildings all around Toronto, more people need to be informed about development proposals in their area. Many news outlets still cover the struggle to save many friendly restaurants and shops in Toronto. Spread the word and keep the heritage sites, the sights to see in downtown Toronto.

Our Vision

"Restaurant Row" is the name that has been given to a strip of restaurants located on King Street, in Toronto's Theatre District. These restaurants have been a well known area of the city for around 35 years, frequented by tourists and Torontonians alike. ​


Al Carbone, the owner of Kit Kat, has taken it upon himself to spearhead the initiative to stop short sighted condo development in this historic area of Toronto.

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Watch This Video

​“I helped build the neighbourhood up, and now we’re at a crisis point.

 This issue is not only critical to our block, but to our city as a whole.” 

        ~Al Carbone​, KITKAT​

​Click Here To read the Globe and Mail article.​

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Want to help? Here's three things you can do:


1. Please continue to visit this website periodically, news and updates regarding the fundraiser will be posted in the upcoming weeks.

2. Continue to recruit people to join our cause by registering on this website.

3. To purchase tickets  or for more information about the fundraiser please contact Joanna at KitKat Bar and Grill or call (416) -977-4461

If you cannot make it to event, please show your support by donating to this important cause


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