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The initiative to stop condo development at 321 to 333 King Street West, otherwise known as Restaurant Row, in Toronto ON.


       Over the past two years, a condo developer has been in talks with city planners and other city officials to purchase 321 to 333 King Street West for the purpose of constructing condominium towers. The condo developer initially approached the city with a plan to build a 39 storey condo in this area; this original plan was denied by the city. A subsequent plan was drawn up for a 47 storey building and was approved.

       This decision greatly worries Al, and other Toronto residents, which see this project as only the beginning in a long process that will see the assimilation of restaurant row into another modern condominium complex. Unique and long standing restaurants, ones that have become a part of Toronto's history and culture, will be replaced by condos. The heritage and character of our city are being put second to the potential profits from other developments like this.

        As Torontonians we must look at the long term implications of projects such as this. Even though many of you may not directly frequent these restaurants, you will most likely be indirectly affected by these implications in one way or another. The Toronto Nightlife has also taken a major hit as of late, with the closure of dozens of clubs and bars over the past year. A list of these club closures can be found at

       As residents of Toronto and it's surrounding communities, we must act now in order to preserve the character and heritage of our city before it is too late. Toronto's world famous restaurant scene and nightlife will soon be nothing more than a memory if we allow developers and city planners to put profits before the cultural integrity of our city.

Help stand up for the great city of Toronto, do your part and be heard.



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