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How only a few can make a difference!

How many can make a change?

We can all thrive in our beautiful city of Toronto.

Condo Owners Association of Ontario

Thank You to Condo Owners Association of Ontario for their support! click here to learn more.

The Community

Thanks to all the donations and the community that support our cause. A great number of emails and presence show us that you care! 


At Dine.TO, we strive to provide a portrait of Toronto culture as more than just the sum of its parts. We believe Toronto diners, tourists, and business travelers will use Dine.TO as a source to discover many entertainment and leisure options conveniently bundled with access and locations of eateries around the GTA.

TEDRA Toronto Entertainment District Resident's Association

This is our home & our community and we need to stand together. Only as a strong unified voice can we protect the vitality of our neighbourhood and demand the services we require to carry out our daily lives.

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