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Feb 10, 2014

The Restaurant Row Fight

By:  Feature Writer, Published on Sun Feb 02 2014


June 23, 2013
Toronto heading skyward in unprecedented boom
for the fight against building the walmart in Kensington Market! 
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June 10, 2013
Housing starts jump, sparks fears of overbuilding. Full article here. 
May 17, 2013 
Councillor Vaughan designates University of Toronto grass as heritage landscape. READ HERE

May 17, 2013
A second application has been submitted and our fear of the domino effect has become a reality.

Restaurants under threat by future developments:
Units 319 to 309

La Fenice

Joe Mama's

St Tropez Marcel's



May 12, 2013
Please check out the posts on TEDRA for more information and stay in the news. (under NEWS) 

​​May 9, 2013
We have recieved the decision for the OMB hearing. Please CLICK HERE to read the full PDF File.

MAY 8, 2013

Toronto condo market to face 'its ultimate test' 
Read the full article on Yahoo Finance Site HERE
MAY 4, 2013
Dealing with developers. Full CBC coverage HERE​

APR 29, 2013

Integrity Commissioner Update

It's been nearly a week since we filed two complaints with the Integrity Commissioner - one each against Councillors Adam Vaughan and Mike Layton. READ IT ALL HERE
APR 29, 2013
City Councils consideration to demolish Heritage Property in Toronto - by Councillor Adam Vaughan MORE HERE

APR 22, 2013​

Toronto Taxpayers Coalition

Please visit the and take a minute to make a donation to help us keep taxes down and protect your family.
APR 18, 2013
Toronto Port Authority to Adam Vaughan

APR 11, 2013​
Check out the Toronto Taxpayer Coalition website on how to stay involved.

​APR 08, 2013​
Adam Vaughan, Mike Layton Violate Code of Conduct: Toronto Taxpayers Coalition CLICK HERE FOR MORE

MAR 28, 2013​
Heritage Property under demolition consideration. Click here to learn more. 

MAR 19, 2013​
You do not want to miss the upcoming fundraiser /roast!! Tickets for this event will be available this week on this site, DINE TO's website and the KitKat restaurant's site, for purchase.  An event you do not want to miss!! Details coming within the next few weeks.

FEB 16, 2013​
Put your funny hat on and laugh your buns off at the UPCOMING ROAST. This fundraiser will be hosted to help with the cause. Being roasted is our own Al Carbone, illustrious restaurant owner of KitKat


FEB 16, 2013
Old friends going to Toronto Bon Jovi concert in style. READ HERE


JAN 4, 2013​
New video uploaded, posted on the Home page.

JAN 3, 2013​
The OMB hearing taking place January 8th and 10th at 655 Bay St, on the 16th floor.

​NOV 7, 2012​
New Facebook Page is up. Please LIKE and SHARE with friend to bring awareness.
Stay up to date with current news and progress HERE​.
​MAY 22, 2012​
For more details on the application which proposes to amend the former City of Toronto Zoning By-law 438-86 to permit the development of a 47-storey building at 321-333 King Street West please
click here.​​
AUGUST 22, 2011​
City planners oppose 39 Storey tower​

This  new application was submitted to phase out the rest of the heritage, Victorian buildings. 

Consequently,  the remaining  two thirds of Restaurant Row will disappear.   

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